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Street prostitutes sure do walk the streets of Dublin and Dublin punters sure do enjoy them, but - be warned - street prostitution is clearly illegal under Irish law.
It is a criminal offence to solicit or importune in a street or public place for the purposes of prostitution, Section 7, Criminal Justice (Sexual Offences) Act 1993. It is also a criminal offence to loiter for the purposes of prostitution, Section 8, Criminal Justice (Sexual Offences) Act 1993. We could go on, but we won't as we are not here to lecture you on all the various Irish laws that relate to street prostitution.
Despite the ever-increasing popularity of high-class whoring in Dublin, some punters still like Dublin prostitution as it used to be - on the streets. Some punters want it as cheap as they can get it, others get a thrill out of the danger element of kerb crawling... Whatever the reasons, some punters just like street girls better that escort girls some nights. The streets are really where the 'world's oldest profession' is at for some punters sometimes. We understand this and that's why this isn't just another Dublin prostitution website that only focuses on Dublin escort services.
There are no designated 'safe prostitution zones' or 'prostitution tolerance zones' in Dublin due to the legal situation, but there are still Red Light Districts in Dublin of course. On this site, Dublin's Red Light Districts are punter reviewed and rated. We also maintain an informative and up to date Dublin street prostitution News section.
If you are a Dublin punter who has something to contribute to this section of our website more than just reviews and ratings of the Red Light Districts we already have listed or comments on the news articles we have, please do contact us. We will gladly publish more and more information on off-street prostitution in Dublin as we get it from Dublin punters. There were Yahoo! Groups that were great for Dublin street prostitution information exchanging a few years back, but they are a thing of the past now unfortunately (as presumably they are not compatible with Yahoo's corporate image these days), so lets the information sharing going again here now! Our first question to you all is, how much are you paying for it currently? We can't seem to get enough information on this issue to be able to work out average prices.
P.S. Please excuse all the Born Again Christians and other Do-Gooders that post here from time to time. We would remove all their comments but we can't be bothered.